All the international visitors visiting Bhutan will have to pay Sustainable Development Fee of USD 100 per person per night

The sustainable development Fee for the Indian nationals is INR 1200 per person per night.

The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF), however, exempts day tourists (Indian) who do not travel past the first designated location (Border town, Phuntsholing).

Minors under the age of five is exempted and children between the ages of six and below twelve, pay a 50% sustainable development fund.

The government of Bhutan has always adopted a cautious approach taking the right balance between sustainability and enriching travel experiences at the heart “High Value, Low Volume” of the policy. The New SDF is set to make the country an exclusive travel destination and it’s driven by an enhanced and revitalized “High Value, Low Volume” policy which was adopted when Bhutan first welcomed tourists in 1974.

Our country always took pride in being the only carbon-negative country and putting environment conservation at the forefront of the policy. The transformative times bought on by the covid 19 and other factors have made our tiny kingdom take a pragmatic approach to ensure the upkeep of sustainability initiatives adopted by our forefathers.

It became inevitable to take these steps to avoid the looming negative impacts of mass tourism that could have on a tiny country like Bhutan.