The National Museum of Bhutan is among the few educational institutions that interpret the history and culture of Bhutan through its exhibits, conducting symposiums, publication of research findings and conservation of artifacts.It boasts a rich variety of artifacts from all over the country representing different eras, as early at 4000 B.C E. to the present day.

A visit through the galleries shows the country’s transition from the Stone Age to a modern Mahayanist Buddhist and multicultural kingdom with its cultural heritage intact. The Museum is designed with connoisseurs, students, scholars and tourists in mind, and seeks to provide each visitor with a rich and colorful experience.

The National Museum performs an essential role as a preserver and promoter of Bhutanese cultural values.Preserving culture and cultural values is one of the Nine Domains of Gross National Happiness, the Bhutanese philosophy for national development.

Gross National Happiness is a unifying vision for Bhutan’s five-year planning process, and all major government initiatives comply with its principles. The Museum is proud to be at the center of serving the well-being and development of the Bhutanese people.